Infusion Services

The treatment room at HCMC is utilized for complex conditions and interventions that require treatment but do not require hospitalization.

Howard County Medical Center offers a wide variety of infusion services in numerous specialty service lines including:

             -Oncology                                                       -Immunotherapy

                    -Antibiotic Therapy                                       -Endocrinology

                    -Gastroenterology                                        -Rheumatology

                    -Blood Transfusions                                     -Urology

                    -Infectious Disease                                       -Chemotherapy

Our most common treatment types include:

            -Infusions                                                       -Catheter Care

                -Injections                                                       -Dressing Change

                -Blood Sampling                                             -Routine Implanted Port Flushing


If your health care provider orders an outpatient treatment, please call 308-754-4421 and ask to speak with:

Jim Coover, Pharmacist                     or                   Janelle Morgan, Hospital Care Manager