Patient Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MyHealth - Patient Portal?

    MyHealth - Patient Portal is a secure, online web portal that offers personalized access to parts of your medical record.

  • What features are available?

    MyHealth - Patient Portal is a convenient way to view parts of your medical record, request appointments, ask your provider health questions and access everything from growth charts to lab results. You can even request proxy access to view medical records of your children and loved ones. We understand that physicians and patients have many ways of communicating and we want you to be in the front seat when it comes to your health care. While signing up is not required, we think you will appreciate the benefits and convenience of our online patient portal.

  • Does it cost anything?

    There is no cost. It's a benefit of seeking care at HCMC.

  • Will this be the same information my physician sees?

    You will be able to see much of the same information that your physician views. However, test results in your MyHealth - Patient Portal account are released at the discretion of you physician. If you do not see your test results in the MyHealth - Patient Portal you can call, or message, the physician's office that ordered the tests and ask about your results; Lab and radiology results are typically available the week after the test is completed.

  • Will I be able to view the health record of another adult or family member?

    Yes, you will need to complete the appropriate proxy access form available below. Once you complete the application form and mail it to us, your online account will allow you access to the health record of the approved adult or family member.

  • Click the link above to download our Proxy Form

  • Will all of my doctors' names appear on the appointment request?

    Any physicians associated with the Howard County Medical Center, will appear. You will be able to request an appointment with any physician that you have seen in the last two years.

  • Is the Portal a secure site?

    Yes. Your privacy is important to us. This website is designed to meet federal laws involving the privacy and security of your personal information. All information sent between the browser and the server is encrypted to ensure this privacy is maintained.

  • What if I need help?

    If you would like assistance using MyHealth - Patient Portal please call (308) 754-4421 for assistance or email