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Strategic Plan

Based upon the concept that Strategic Goals serve as a guide in leading organizational decisions and influencing the selection of key projects and initiatives over a period of time, the following Strategic Goals/Themes were developed by the Board on June 28, 2011.

These Strategic Goals/Themes will guide major initiatives, goals and tactical plans that will be carried out throughout HCMC under the guidance of the CEO over the next three year timeframe of 2011-2014.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals/Themes Explanation

Economically Sound and Fiscally Responsible
It is essential for HCMC to strategically make decisions that are economically sound. As HCMC continues to face Healthcare Reform changes and other governmental initiatives, maintaining a focus on fiscally responsible decisions is essential in all goals and initiatives.

Focus on “the Ultimate” Patient Experience
As competing services are offered within the St Paul area and in consideration of competing services in larger area communities, the development and focus on “the Ultimate” Patient Experience will provide HCMC with the ability to set itself apart from other providers. In turn, this focus will be a driver in determining expansion of services, increased patient volumes, and result in increased revenue.

Expansion of Services
In partnership with the other strategic goals, research and investigation of expansion of services opportunities must be based on strong data and outcomes, while contributing to “the Ultimate” patient experience.

Commitment to Community Involvement
Community involvement is essential to continuing to demonstrate community value, secure community support, and build the HCMC Foundation. Enhanced and focused commitment, in alignment with the other Strategic Goals is essential.

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